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University of Missouri EMS Education
2021-05 HYBRID EMT
Oct 2021


Product descriptions
  • EMT Comprehensive Exams
  • EMT Unit Exams
  • EMT Study Tools
  • Preceptor Training
  • Skills Tracker (Limited)
  • Scheduler (Limited)



EMT Comprehensive Exams

Deliver 200-question summative exams in a secure, proctored environment to assess whether EMT students are prepared for success on the NREMT.

EMT Unit Exams

Deliver six 75-question exams in a secure, proctored environment. Each exam covers (respectively) Airway, Cardiology, Medical, OB/Peds, Operations, and Trauma units, and can be delivered in the order that works best for your EMT curriculum.

EMT Study Tools

Equip your students for independent study with Study Tools. Their account includes a 200-question practice exam to prepare for the NREMT, practice quizzes, podcasts, and interactive skill demonstrations.

Preceptor Training

Train good clinicians to be excellent mentors with this CECBEMS-approved online course that explores Adult Education Theory. Preceptor training can be completed in as little as 4 hours.

Skills Tracker (Limited)

Define custom skill sheets and goals for your program. Allow your students to document skills and patient care online, and track their progress and competency with real-time reports. Skills Tracker (Limited) allows for 10 Field, 10 Clinical, and 40 Lab shifts per student.

Scheduler (Limited)

Schedule students' internships on a live calendar where educators, clinicians, preceptors, and students have the ability to view and interact with shifts. Set requirements for immunizations, certifications, trainings, and more, and track student compliance on a shift-by-shift basis. Scheduler (Limited) allows for 10 Field, 10 Clinical, and 40 Lab shifts per student.